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My Signature Tulsi Tea Combo for Mental Clarity, Energy, and Productive Focus

Have you ever tried drinking Tulsi tea? Well let me tell you, it is absolutely awesome! Tulsi is one of my favorite teas, along with Taaza and Japanese Green. Tulsi has a sweet taste to it that I would visually… Continue Reading →

A Review of United Cyber Development – One of the Best Hosting Companies Out There!

What is United Cyber Development (UCD)? United Cyber Development is an online hosting company that provides Enterprise-Grade Managed Cloud Hosting that focuses on providing fast loading speeds, dependability where it counts, and multiple layers of security that prevents hackers from… Continue Reading →

Faults in our Schooling System • Study Smart Not Hard

Where the Problem Lies… Note that schooling institutions are not created equally. There is a lot of disparity between: The level of material taught to the student The quality of the instructor Whether the student is prepared for a class… Continue Reading →

Fixing Habits that Leach Productivity

So I am writing this article more as a self reflection to see what I am doing wrong; what habits of mine are affecting my productivity, and what can I do to fix, amend, abrogate, or remove those bad habits…. Continue Reading →

Improve Website SEO through Speed, Navigation, and other WordPress Plugins

I’ve been a webmaster for almost 2 years, and I’ve learned a lot when it came to making & maintaining a website. But the most important factor for many webmasters is to actually get traffic to their website. A website… Continue Reading →

How to Setup Backup Recovery on Notepad++

Have you heard of Notepad++? It’s an awesome application that allows you code & type English with spellcheck as well as numerous other features. Personally, I love using Notepad++ to open up text documents that I use as task lists… Continue Reading →

A Random Review of Coffee Brands

This is a comparative review of the various coffee brands that my tongue had the opportunity to taste. I try to prepare the coffee the best that I can to give the coffee brand a fair chance, but I have found… Continue Reading →

The Magicforce 68 Keys Mini Mechanical Keyboard

So recently, I’ve been looking to replace my deteriorating generic rubber dome Dell keyboard with something a bit finer. I realize that since my job deals with a lot of typing I should make my working experience as enjoyable as… Continue Reading →

Work Space Ergonomics

So the purpose of this post is to become aware and take preventative measures for Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) that plagues many 9-5 office desk/cubicle employees and generally anyone who spends a significant portion of their time sitting down at a… Continue Reading →

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