How Lion’s Mane Works as a Fertilizer for Neurons & Repairs the Brain

I will be investigating how Hericium Erinaceus, otherwise known as the Lion’s mane mushroom, can enhance brain function. Does it improve neurogenesis? Does it improve the myelination of brain nerve cells (a.k.a neurons)? Which parts of the brain does does Lion’s Mane improve? And how exactly does Lion’s Mane work? These are some of the questions […]

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Namobrain IGNITE Stack bottle resting in my hands

Namobrain IGNITE Nootropic Stack: How it Works, Ingredients, and Review

In this article, I will be reviewing for you Namobrain’s IGNITE Stack. It’s a type of nootropic stack that is starting to catch along within the nootropic communities. The IGNITE stack uses a very simple, but effective formulation that has been previously tested by nootropic enthusiasts. The IGNITE stack was developed with the intention of improving […]

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