Ylang Ylang flower bunch

Ylang Ylang – Types of Scent Profiles, Properties & Uses

Ylang Ylang is prized by perfumers for its intoxicatingly seductive scent. Ylang Ylang has a very bright, fruity-banana, feminine scent with complex undertones that I will go into more detail later on in this article. I will also discuss Ylang Ylang’s possible value in therapeutic applications, how Ylang Ylang can affects behavior & cognitive function, […]

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chemical ball and stick model of psychedelic model myristicin

Myristicin – A Psychedelic MAOI with Therapeutic Application

Myristicin is a phenylpropene, a natural organic compound that is found naturally in plants such as nutmeg, parsley, dill anise, star anise, black pepper, carrot, common fennel and sweet fennel. Examples of other phenylpropenes include eugenol, chavicol, safrole and estragole- which all can be found in essential oils of plants. Myristicin is naturally used by plants as […]

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Dalzielii gum-resin burning on hot coal close up

Frankincense Types: Medicinal, Psychoactive, Cognitive, Scent Properties & More

Frankincense is ancient aromatic resin that is prized for it’s scent when burned, it’s medicinal properties, and it’s psychoactive effects. In this article, I discuss the various different types of frankincense species that exist. After reading this, you should be able to tell apart the different types of frankincense resins & their respective properties- like […]

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