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The best keyboard for Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Tendonitis, & RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard
Kinesis Contoured Keyboard

Do you have discomfort or pain while typing? Then this may be the perfect keyboard for you!

The Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard is the human keyboard. Anyone and everyone who types for long periods of time benefits by having one of these keyboards. That’s because the Kinesis keyboard was specifically designed for the human body. Customers on Amazon testify that the keyboard reduces and eventually cures tendinitis, carpel tunnel, RSI, and related keyboard injuries for many customers.

“Who needs this keyboard?”

This keyboard is for typists, programmers, software developers, transcriptionists, and pretty much anyone who uses a keyboard for extended periods of time. Customers on Amazon say it’s one of the best keyboards for alleviating many keyboard related injuries like carpel tunnel, tendonitis, RSI, and basically any strain involved with keyboard usage. 

“Why do I need this keyboard?”

Many of us in this modern world work on the PC computer daily with keyboards. For many people who making a living by any range of typing, staying away from the keyboard is not an option.

Typing on regular keyboards force your hands together.This matters because regular keyboards cause carpel tunnel or tendonitis when used over extended periods of time.  This typing posture puts strain on your wrists and shoulders, causing further bad posture.

 But our hands are naturally a shoulder width apart.

If you let yourself be in a normal position while sitting in your chair, your arms are naturally to your side, shoulder lengths apart. So if you reach out your hands where the keyboard is, you have to bunch your hands together. That is an awkward way to type, and puts strain on the hands. However, the kinesis allows your hands to go in a natural position from your body, such that the right keyboard well meets the right hand, and the left keyboard well meets the left hand.

The keyboard pays for itself by preventing doctor’s appointments & surgeries due to keyboard related strain injuries. That and the fact that the unique ergonomic design allows for insanely fast typing speeds, once the user adapts to using the keyboard. 

Ergonomic design

The Kinesis Keyboard's Ergonomic design means minimum movement of the arms, maximum comfort & zero strain. Rest pads on either sides, and more flexibility with your hands fixed parallel to each other means released pressure on the tendons. The keys are placed logically so that they fall naturally under the hand. The contour & the way the keys are positioned are designed for the human hand.

“Keys curve up to your shorter finder & deep down to your longer finger.”

The keys are raised and positioned such that the middle finger is your longest finger, your index next,  your ring & pinkie finger are shorter. So you’ll see that the keys have different depths depending on whether its for your middle finger or your pinkie, etc.

Fingers only have to go up & down with a vertical layout. The vertical layout also reduces the side to side movement of the fingers. Again, allows for faster tying speeds. Very little pressure is required to press the keys equals more speed.

Other ergonomic keyboards are extremely long, so that you have to stretch over to reach the mouse. But the kinesis is compact in comparison. 

"Hand Angle is key to Comfort"

The Kinesis keyboard has your hand in the optimal wrist-bend angle to prevent wrist pain. You want your hand angle in the hand shake position, not a claw position

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Additionally, you can see from the image above/below that it is a split keyboard with 2 keyboard wells on the left & right side. The keys that typists use a lot are centered in the middle. On both sides the control (ctrl) keys and the Alt keys. On the right side the windows, space, Enter, page up and down keys. On the left side the backspace, delete, Home and End keys.

The logic is that you are going to use a strong finger for the center keys (the thumb) Vs. a weaker finger (pinkie). This setup allows for greater comfort & speed of typing, because on a regular keyboard you have to stretch your hand & hit those keys with a weaker finger.

That’s one way typists tend to run into pain and discomfort. So the idea is to eliminate all the unnatural hand movements & finger reaching to facilitate natural typing.

See what people say on Amazon about the Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard

Other Quality Features

♦ Has programmable macro keys to help you in accounting, …

♦ You can have up to 48 macros of up to 56 characters each.

♦ The macros are stored in the keyboard, so that any computer that you plug the Kenisis keyboard into , you can still use those macros.

♦ Uses Cherry MX Brown Mechanical key switches (Is a mechanical keyboard)

♦ Keyboard is noisy. But for some people this is beneficial because it gives clear audible feedback.

♦ Sounds like the vintage (old) IBM keyboards.

♦ This is the best keyboard for comfort & speed. The ergonomic design also allows for maximum speed typing. The two wells fixes the hand to stick in one place, instead of having you slide your hand all across the keyboard.

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